Our history

The Family

It all starts with Albertthe ancestor, the visionary of the late 19th century, who planted the roots of the Massy family in these terraced vineyards, who chose the best plots, who worked them with rigor and honesty to produce the wines that launched their reputation.

By Jean-François, the pioneering gentleman who continued and developed the story with the nobility born of a job well done. He did everything he could to improve quality, and to bottle his wine rather than sell it in bulk, as was the practice at the time.

Today, Luc and Margaret have continued to evolve the story, with the same obsession for respecting the terroir.

Gregory and Benjamin, the fourth generation, are responsible for taking this saga even further back in time. All of them have been able to travel, to discover, to look elsewhere to bring back the best practices.

Le Clos du Boux

Le Clos du Boux, a residence built by the Bernese in 1630, dominates Epesses, a fiefdom recognizable from afar. It’s also the adjoining vineyard, one of the Massy family’s flagships, and the commune’s only clos Grand Cru.

The listed residence overlooks the vineyards, like a watchtower at the entrance to Epesses, standing proudly amidst the vines.

The cellar building, on the edge of the Route de la Corniche, is an impressive sight, carved out of the rock in which it stands. This cellar, with its sunny terrace or tasting room, is an ideal place to welcome wine lovers interested in tasting our wines, visiting our cellar and sharing a moment with us.


Lavaux is a region rich in history; the craft of winegrowing dates back to the 11th century, when Cistercian monks planted the first vines and introduced terraced farming to the region.

The Lavaux wine-growing region is divided into 8 production sites, covering some 830 hectares of vines between the towns of Lausanne and Vevey. Our wines come from 3 of the best-known appellations: Epesses, Saint-Saphorin and Dézaley Grand Cru.

Since 2007, Lavaux has had the honor of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ancient villages, the famous terraced vineyards, the magnificent scenery and views of Lake Geneva, and the winegrower’s long-standing tradition are just a few of the reasons why you should sign up and come and visit our paradise.

Our philosophy

We’re proud to present our wines, the fruit of our passion for an estate that we’ve received and that we want to perpetuate and develop. We are the custodians of a heritage that dates back to the 12th century, thanks to the monks who cleared and shaped this vineyard. This responsibility is not to preserve a fixed world, but to bring it to life, to make it evolve, to improve it still further, and above all to share it.

Our wines are our messengers; they are like us, frank, precise, passionate, with their own personality and evolution. Let them tell you their story, in the best conditions of service, around dishes that they will magnify, between guests that they will bring together, for memories that they will forge. That will be our reward.


Luc Massy